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THIMON: Require the best to take charge of your entire end of line

Thimon has always been a well-known expert in the glass industry and is widely referenced worldwide. As a result, you may know Thimon for its expertise in packaging palletised loads and designing automated shrink hooding machines developed for and particularly suited to the hollow glass market. But Thimon also manufactures many handling elements for your pallets.

Because we have a multi-market experience and we are developing our logistics know-how by accompanying our customers on this growing market for Thimon, we design lines that are more and more ergonomic and today offer efficient and intelligent solutions in general logistics.
We can take advantage of this expertise for the handling of glass products.

We can integrate upstream and downstream of your hooding machine:
  • Empty pallets preparation lines, with floor mat laying:
    The empty pallet preparation line is independent and is located upstream of the glass container palletisation. Its purpose is to place a floor mat (plastic film) on an empty pallet and to glue, staple or shrink-wrap it onto the pallet.
    This line can be equipped with an empty pallet destacker at the infeed and/or a pallet restacker with floor mat at the outfeed. These pallets, equipped with their floor mats, are then moved to the palletisers (using shuttles).
    The floor mat is necessary because it provides a seal on all 6 sides of the pallet.

  • Shuttles:
    Shuttles (one, two, four,… pallet places) allow empty or charged pallets to be moved automatically from the empty pallet preparation lines to the palletisers or from the palletisers to the hooding lines. It is also possible to move the pallets after hooding to the storage areas.
    Thimon manufactures induction shuttles which main advantages are:
    - Very low maintenance,
    - No parts aging due to friction,
    - No electrical risk as the cables are buried and insulated,
    - No strain on forklift trucks and/or operators (no ground or overhead supports).

  • Load and pallet centering devices:
    This equipment, which is fully automated and equipped with 4 mobile panels, is used to center the products on a pallet in order to reduce defects linked to palletising or pallet handling.
    Used at the entrance of the hooding line, it allows to recenter the layers of glass containers on the pallet before hooding.
    The operation is done for all 4 sides at the same time, without any rotation of the pallet.

  • TOP GLASS shrink top cover dispenser system:
    This is a device that allows a cover to be placed on the top of the pallet after a first complete hooding and to shrink the same film thanks to a heating frame.
    The TOP GLASS is installed just downstream of the shrink wrapping machine.
    This type of equipment is very often used by glass manufacturers to add extra protection to reinforce the tightness of the packaging and to ensure perfect protection of their products. This process is very effective when stacking and storing pallets outdoors.

  • Stackers:
    The role of this element is to lift a ½ pallet after shrink hooding and to automatically stack it on another ½ pallet. Thimon stackers are equipped with fully secured retractable forks and lifting system. The stacking of pallets at the end of the hooding line optimises the flow and reduces and facilitates the operations of the forklift drivers in the storage areas.
We also manufacture many handling elements common to all our customers' markets, such as:
  • Lifts / lowering devices;
  • Lifting tables;
  • Conveyors;
  • Turntables;
  • Orthogonal transfer tables;
  • Broken glass collection bins under roller conveyors;
  • Shrinkage compensation options for ambient temperature;
  • Chain conveyor sidewall covers;
  • Raised or covered cable trays.
As a reminder, in addition to its automated shrink hooders and the various handling systems presented in this article, Thimon has also developed robot machines, particularly adapted to the glass market. These shrink hooders are an excellent alternative for companies that want to offer themselves a high quality service.

We know how to handle your pallet and the associated data (traceability, SSCC number, origin, etc.) throughout the entire cold end, from the exit of your palletisers to the loading of your products onto the trucks.
More than 100 glass industry companies trust us to optimise their whole end of line.

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